Mazel Tov to Everyone from Melbourne

Jewish Gibraltar

Shalom and welcome to our blog. We are a small Jewish family from Gibraltar who now proudly call Brighton, Melbourne, our new home. Back in Gibraltar, we have had a small but a strong community of people, warm and caring. We believe everyone should get a taste of that connectedness. This website is dedicated to all the Jewish people living in Brighton as a portal to feel that warmth from back home.

The Hebrew name, Adat Shalom Verei’ut means “congregation of peace and friendship”. These are the ideals that we aspire to and live by. We think that together we can truly make the world a better place. The lives of many can be touched this way. Back at Gibraltar, the members of both the genders would play equal roles in the social, religious and educational aspects of our lives. Through our website we only aspire to unite and spread the warmth of communion.

It has been quite a while – actually 15 years since me and my family emigrated to this lovely suburb of Melbourne and we have thoroughly enjoyed being here. I feel, through this website, I can reach out all my fellow Jews who were once part of Gibraltar; and ask you to come and share your experiences in Brighton. I hope we can all share and enjoy our experiences together.